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Teacher Comments

Fantastic! – This is my first time here. I didn't realise there was so much to do! I found the day, worksheets, resources & immediate information extremely useful. It has enabled me to plan a very effective excursion relating directly to my classroom needs.

Attention to detail great – with garden & animals. Resource Centre amazing! So many learning opportunities for our visit & ideas for the classroom!

I wasn't sure what I was in for … but the PD is so valuable when planning a trip – the ideas & motivation is great!

Without coming to the PD I don't think we would have used the farm to its full potential – so it was great!

Very handy to have all the resources in the one spot & is so well organized!

A good variety of materials – useful for before & after visits to the farm. Very extensive.

A real timesaver for teachers!

So much information & so easy to find! I feel more knowledgeable & confident myself now!

To make use of the great educational facilities – you need to do the PD!

It has been excellent to have time to prepare for an excursion & to have someone on hand to answer our questions!

Brilliant set up & thoroughly organized! Very impressed with the facilities & friendliness & support of staff. Cannot wait to come on camp!

Very valuable & relevant – spot on!